Booty Is First Priority

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chick shows off her phat ass

If you haven’t noticed, booty has taken priority over boobs in terms of body parts. Especially with the black girls. You can be damn near flat chested, as long as you got some ass on you. And these babes are quick to snap a photo of their booty and post it on twitter or facebook as proof that they got back!

I Work Ouuuuut

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Black GF shows off her hot naked body

Yeah girl, you got it. That body is tight and we’re VERY glad you ain’t afraid to show it (……sexy and you know it). Maybe she wasn’t always this petite and a now she’s so excited to flaunt it that clothes just get in the way? Who knows. Who cares.

Soap In Her Eye

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Caught girlfriend showering

When you decide to get that picture of your girl naked in the shower, I hope you aren’t trying to capture her looking all glamorous like in the porn shoots. Cause it just doesn’t come out like that!

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Share The Booty With The World

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Dude snaps a pic of his girlfriends naked booty

Sometimes when your girl is lying around the house naked and is looking so good, you just get the urge to capture that moment for future usage (a la “jerking usage”). Such is the reason that pictures and videos like these even exist.

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Nice Boobs On Her

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Exgf pics of a black hottie with nice natural boobs

I dunno why but I really like it when a caramel colored chick has got some pretty dark areolas and nipples like this. Maybe it’s because the contrast makes em stick out so much. Read the rest…

Petite Babe Shows Her Tits

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Petite black chick takes mirror shots of her titties

She’s slim as hell but still quite sexy. And her tiny frame probably makes her great fun to play around with in the bedroom. Read the rest…

Showin Off The Body

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Petite black girlfriend takes a nude pic for sexting

Homegirl was probably proud of all the working out and exercising that she had been doing to get her body slim and trim, and now she wanted to show it off. Read the rest…

Check Out The Side View

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Amateur black girl gets a profile shot of her butt

It’s the most telling shot of them all. Especially when you have no clothes on. This black gal has got some curves on her, but she really likes to make her features pop with a couple of pictures of the side view. Read the rest…

Got Some New Titties

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Black ExGF plays with her new tits after a boob job

It’s almost a no-brainer that when a girl gets some new boobs, she’s gonna start trying on clothes and snapping some pictures. But with boobs, its not only about how they look with the clothes on. They have to look great out in the open as well. Read the rest…

She Got A Donk

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Black babe takes self shot of her juicy butt

A small waist and a phat booty makes for another great ex GF picture for your enjoyment. This black hottie has got some serious curves on her, so she deserves to show it off. Read the rest…

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